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Jargon buster is a great tool for busting the jargon you may encounter in everyday life. Our jargon buster will help you resolve all those tricky words or phrases that fills our lives with added complications.

A good jargon buster should be easy to navigate and our jargon buster is surely that and much more. Our jargon buster also allows you to search directly for the word or phrase you are trying to decipher utilising the Google search box in order to search our jargon buster site.

Alternatively you scan simply scroll through our jargon buster directory to locate your word that needs busting for a more common sense explanation to its meaning.

Some of our jargon buster sections are very technical and niche market. Others are relatively straight forward and common place. That’s what is so amazing about jargon - it is everywhere. Jargon is also getting worse and soon everyone will need easy access to a jargon buster in order to understand the real meaning of the English language which is a real shame.

Many of us often have to struggle with jargon words and concepts that are used as though they have one single and simple meaning, while in reality they hide strong bias and very specific world views.

Not surprisingly, they are usually biased towards the world views of those in power. There have also been well-intentioned words and concepts when coined but that have been corrupted over time through inappropriate usage, thereby acquiring more complicated connotations and implications.

When we use these jargon words, we often unwillingly but unavoidably become trapped in political and philosophical frameworks which block our ability to challenge the power that backs those views.

The Jargon Buster Directory is your central resource for locating an explanation to typical terms found for within all industries , professions and governments.

Use our directory to locate and decipher jargon that you would like an explanation for.

Keeping our directory up to date and to include all the spheres where jargon is used is a never ending task for us. We have started with what we can locate but but it is a vast subject and can be very niche specific.

Are you in a profession or industry that uses jargon that is NOT included here? Then why not send us your own jargon buster text and we will include it within our database. To say thank you we will provide you with a return link back to your web site.  Click in the 'contact us' menu bar on the left.

House extension jargon can be eliminated for most home extensions and loft conversions by visting this very useful web site.

NEW! - Add your own Jargon - Every jargon page on our web site has a 'comments section' where you can instantly add you own jargon and descriptions if you feel that we have missed anything relevant to your own particular area - simply add your jargon and it will be instantly added to the relevant web page.

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