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Communications - Telephony

Telephony jargon is another sphere of phraseology that affects us all - we all use the telephone for good and for evil.

Many niche jargon directories do not really affect the public but as phone use is so high telephony jargon is definitely an area that most of us need to know something about.

Whether it be mobile phones or land lines, our telephony jargon directory will cover it all. People even use phone jargon themselves without even knowing it.

As telephone use grows it will be exiting to see what other forms or telephony jargon evolve to cater for new technologies that the telephone will surely embrace.


Telephony jargon.

ACD Automatic Call Distribution ANI Automatic Number Identification API Application Programming Interface ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode BRI Basic Rate Interface - ISDN 2 CFTP Continuous Fault Tolerant Processing CLI Calling Line Identity CO Central Office - USA term meaning Public Telephone Exchange CCU Central Control Unit CPS Carrier Pre-Selection CPU Central Processor Unit CTI Computer Telephony Integration DASS Digital Accessing Signalling System DDI Direct Dialling In DISA Direct Inward Signalling Access DLL Dynamic Link Library DPNSS Digital Private Network Signalling System DR Disaster Recovery DSP Digital Signal Processor DTMF Dual Tone Multiple Frequency or Touch Tone FAB Nothing - it's just FAB FMS Fax Messaging Server GUI Graphical User Interface IR International Rescue ISV Independent Software Vendor IVR Interactive Voice Response LAN Local Area Network LCR Least Cost Routing LEM Lunar Excursion Module LAP Local Area Paging LD Loop Disconnect MAPI Microsoft's Messaging API - Application Programming Interface MF Multi Frequency MIS Management Information System MVIP Multi Vendor Integration Protocol NIC Network Interface Cards NTS Novel Network Telephony Services PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange PBX Private Branch Exchange PC Personal Computer POT Plain Ordinary Telephone PRI Primary Rate Interface - ISDN 30 PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network PSU Power Supply Unit RAM Random Access Memory RAS Remote Access Services RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computing SCSA Signal Computing Services Architecture SIG Spectrum Is Green SMDI System Management Data Information SMS Short Message Service TAPI Telephone Application Programming Interface - Microsoft's TSAPI Telephone System Application Programming Interface CSTA Computer Supported Telephony Application CSTAPI Computer Supported Telephony Application Programming Interface TBR Time Break Recall TUI Telephone User Interface VMS Voice Messaging Server VAR Value Added Reseller VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol VPN Virtual Private Network WAN Wide Area Network ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN 2 Basic Rate = 2 x 64Kbps

2B+D = 2 Channels of 64K also referred to as ''Bearer'' channels

and 1 referred to as ''Data'' or signalling Channel of 16K.

Total bandwidth is 128K. ISDN 30 Primary Rate = 32 x 64Kbps 30B + 2D Protocols: DASS II, DPNSS & ETSI Q931 32 Channels = 30 Channels of 64K referred to as ''Bearer'' Channels

and 2 referred to as ''Data'' or signalling Channels. Total bandwidth of approximately 2 Megabits.





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