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Technology - Television or TV

Television or TV jargon

100Hz Flicker Free Technology

This gives you a clear and stable picture, which is more relaxing on the eye.

4 x 3 Panoramic Zoom

A flatter, squarer tube improves the definition of the picture and offers a wider viewing angle. This also removes the black bands at the top and bottom of the screen, with very little distortion.

Audio In / Out Connectors

These allow you to put TV sound through your hi-fi speakers.

Automatic Sound Control

You can automatically regulate the sound to suit the acoustics of your room .

Auto Set Up / Auto Search Tuning

Your TV will automatically be tuned in to the five main channels and if applicable, to satellite and the video channel too (providing your video and digital box are connected to the television).

Auto Switch Off

The TV will automatically switch off when no programme is being broadcast.

A/V Connectors

To connect a camcorder to your TV you will need an audio-visual connector. Some TVs have these conveniently located on the front of the TV so it's quicker and easier to connect additional equipment.

A/V Kit

A single package including all the cables you will need for audio, video and speaker equipment.

Bass Xpander System

This technology from Sanyo gives you an enhanced bass sound.

CATS (Contrast Auto Tracking)

This automatically adjusts the TV contrast to ensure the best quality picture in whatever light conditions.

Channel Child Lock

This feature on some TV allows you to block your children from gaining access to certain undesirable channels.

Channel Labeling

Displays channels with the name of the network so that you can easily identify them.

Closed Captioning

Dialog is displayed on the bottom of the screen like subtitles in a movie.

Colour Temperature Control

This feature allows you to change the white balance of the picture to achieve the best overall colour. You can adjust it based on the lighting in the room or simply to suit your personal taste.

Comb Filters

- Standard Comb Filter separates the brightness from the colour information to create a truer and clearer picture.

- Digital Comb Filter compares 2 or 3 consecutive scan lines within one video to make adjustments to improve the picture quality.

- 3D Y/C Comb Filter compares scanning lines within a field and aligns the field with the previous and following fields. Eliminates cross luminance and provides better picture resolution.

Combined Remote and Keyboard

This is used for integrated Internet TVs. The remote control also includes a keyboard which allows you to access the Internet.

Component Video Set

This used to provide an optimum image for many DVD players and high-end game consoles. Component video inputs provide the highest quality video and improve color, resolution and picture detail.

DSP (Digital Sound Processing)

DSP can alter the atmosphere of the sound reproduction to suit your wishes with effects such as "cathedral", "hall", "stadium" or stereo simulation for mono recordings.

Digital Management System

This constantly self checks and automatically adjusts the picture to give stronger, more realistic colours and improved picture clarity.

Dynamic Picture Control

This ensures a clean, crisp image with sharp focus right to the edge of the screen. This gives superb picture quality.

FD Trinitron WEGA Flatscreen

FD Trinitron continues and expands on Trinitron's technological excellence. The improved picture resolution means that it is ideal for displaying computer graphics as well as providing fantastic television picture quality. The WEGA Flatscreen produces realistic, clear and sharp images. The absolute flatness displays an image with zero distortion and minimal reflection. It achieves complete uniformity of focus across the entire screen giving excellent picture quality.

Headphone Socket

This allows you to plug your headphones into the TV so that you can watch TV without disturbing other people in the room.

Image Aspect Ratio

This is the ratio of the width to the height of the image displayed on the TV screen. 4:3 is the standard ratio. Many modern televisions have the capacity to display a 16:9 wide screen image.

Invar Mask

While most picture tubes use standard steel shadow masks an Invar mask is constructed of an iron and nickel compound to eliminate the doming effect and produce brighter whites for better contrast.

Multi-Channel Preview

The screen is split down the middle and each program is shown at full height.

Mute Function

This allows you to turn the sound on and off instantly.

NTSC Compatible

TVs with NTSC can be connected to NTSC camcorders, DVD players and video recorders. It also enables you to play American NTSC tapes.

On-Screen Display

Adjustments made to volume, contrast or the channel number (when changing channel) are all displayed on the screen.

On-Screen Menu Installation

This makes setting up your TV easy, as all features such as tuning, brightness and contrast can be accessed via a menu screen on your TV.

Owner ID

This feature allows you to programme your, name, address and postcode which could mean the return of your TV in the event of theft.

Picture-in-picture (PIP)

Have the ability to view 2 channel images at once with a smaller image displayed within the larger one.

Plug & Play

This means that you can plug in the TV and start using it straight away via the onscreen menus.

Programme Memories

This feature allows you to tune your channels on your TV. Most TVs have 100+ channels available so you can store digital and satellite channels.

Q Link

This is an intelligent communication system whereby the television can send data to a compatible video recorder.

Quintrix Wide Flat Picture Tube

This gives you maximum width viewing angles with minimum screen reflection and achieves pinsharp focus across the entire width of the screen.


This usually refers to the number of horizontal lines that make up the picture. The higher the resolution, the better the picture.

RCA Input

These allow for connection to most VCRs, camcorders, DVD players, video game consoles, etc.

RMS (Root Mean Square)

RMS output is used to help rate the continuous power output on an amplifier or the input capability of speakers. This is used to compare the different TV and audio systems. The higher the RMS output the more powerful the speakers are likely to be.

Remote Control

Usually a standard feature with most TVs, remote controls can now be used to operate more than one appliance of a particular brand, for example both your TV and video.

S-Video Input

This is for most DVD players, high-end VCRs and some camcorders. A more advanced video signal input, this reduces interference and offers a clearer image.

Scan Velocity Modulation

This allows for precise transitions from light to dark for sharper images and outstanding clarity.


This is the 21-pin socket/lead system that connects home entertainment equipment such as TV, VCR, DVD and satellite. The larger and better-equipped TVs usually have three or four Scart sockets to enable connection to a number of appliances. Scart gives you a higher quality of reception when your TV is connected to a video, satellite, hi-fi or games console.

Screen Resolution

This usually refers to the number of horizontal lines that make up the picture. The higher the resolution, the better the picture.

Sleep Timers or Programmable Off-Timer

You can programme your TV to switch off at a set time, for example, after you have dropped off to sleep.

Smart Keys

These allow you to choose preset audio settings. They can alter the sound to suit the type of programme you are watching such as music, sport or films.

Smart Link

This is available from Sony and provides instant communication between your video and Sony Smartlink TV to make recording even easier.

Split Screen or Teletext Dual Screen

This splits the screen in half so that you can keep one eye on the TV picture whilst browsing through the Teletext services.

Sound Systems

The type of sound offered by your television will be categorised as follows:

- Dolby Digital Pro-Logic Surround Sound allows you to play cinema Surround Sound from a DVD. Not only do you have speakers on the TV, but also at the rear of the room, creating real Surround Sound. Alternatively, if you have Surround Sound speakers with your hi-fi you can connect these to give you even better cinema sound.

- Dolby Virtual allows you to experience full Surround Sound without the need for rear speakers.

- Monois where a single speaker will deliver a single soundtrack.

- Nicam Digital Stereo is where the speakers each side of the set deliver stereo sound from Nicam broadcasts (almost all TV programmes) and Nicam videotapes. This enables you to enjoy sound quality similar to a CD (you will need a Nicam TV and Nicam video to experience Nicam stereo sound from videos).

- Nicam Digital Stereo Dome Sound provides a smooth and mellow sound to complement the picture you are watching.

Sub Woofer

This is an extra speaker with your TV that provides you with a deeper, stronger and richer bass sound. This can be useful when watching films or music videos.

Super Active 3D Surround Sound

This feature gives you a simulated Surround Sound effect from two speakers.

Teletext / Ceefax

On-screen information, similar to a newspaper, also used to access subtitles on some programmes. (Fastext - cuts down the waiting time for pages to come up - with colour coded easy access buttons.)

Television and Video Combinations or Tele-Videos

If you want to watch one channel, whilst recording another, look for the better-equipped units with a twin tuner, which will enable you to do this. The less expensive models usually have just one tuner.

Trinitron and Super Trinitron

These are technologies unique to Sony that allow more beams to pass though the aperture grill creating a sharper and brighter picture.

Super Trintiron screens are vertically and horizontally flatter than conventional TV screens. This means that Super Trinitron TVs minimise distortion and reduce reflections resulting in improved contrast, whilst the horizontal flatness creates a wider viewing angle.

Twin Tuner Model

This provides your Tele-Video with the ability to record one channel whilst you are watching another.


Allows you to block out the video and audio of a channel based on its viewing rating so that you can regulate what your family sees.

Visible Screen Size

This is the size of the screen, measured diagonally, in centimetres. The tube size is measured in inches.

Wake Up Timer

This allows you to programme your TV to turn on at a preset time such as the morning for an alarm call.

Web TV or Integrated Internet Television

Allows you to have access to the Internet through your TV, without the need for a computer.


This means you can watch programmes and films in the widescreen format in which they were originally made.





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