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A4A Awards For All AAA Amateur Athletics Association of England
ABI Area Based Initiative
ACDF Active Community Development Fund
ACU Active Communities Unit AOC Association of Colleges
AOTTs Adults Other Than Teachers
APA Association of Police Authorities
ASA Amateur Swimming Association
ASTC Active Sports Talent Camps
AWP All Weather Pitch
BAALPE British Association of Advisors and Lecturers in Physical Education
BAEM Black, Asian or other Ethnic Minorities
BALASA British Amputee and Les Autres Sports Association
BASES British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BBS British Blind Sport
BCSA British Colleges Sports Association
BESF British Wheelchair Sports Foundation
BHF British Heart Foundation BLF Big Lottery Fund
BOA British Olympic Association BPA British Paralympic Association
BUSA British Universities Sports Association
CAPS Club Action Planning Scheme
CASC Community Amateur Sports Club
CBE Chamber Business Enterprises
CCDF Community Club Development Fund
CCDP Community Club Development Programme
CCPR Centre Council of Physical Recreation
CDF Community Development Foundation
CDO Coach Development Officer
CEF Community Empowerment Fund
CFT Coaching For Teachers
CIF Community Investment Fund
CLOA Chief Leisure Officers Association
CLOG Chief Leisure Officers Group
CMO Chief Medical Officer
COVE Centre of Vocational Excellence
CP Sport Cerebral Palsy Sport
CPD Continued Professional Development
CP-ISRA Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association
CPSU Child Protection Sport Unit
CRB Criminal Records Bureau
CRE Commission for Racial Equality
CSCS Community Sport Coach Scheme
CSP County Sports Partnership
CSR Comprehensive Spending Review
CST Coventry Sports Trust
CYPU Children and Young People's Unit DAT Drug Action Team
DCMS Department of Culture, Media and Sport
DDA Disability Discrimination Act
DEFRA Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
DfES Department for Education and Skills DfT Department for Transport DoH Department of Health
DRC Disability Rights Commission
DSE Disability Sport England
DTI Department of Trade and Industry
DWP Department for Work and Pednsions
EAZ Education Action Zone
EDP Education Development Plan
EFDS English Federation for Disability Sport
EIS English Institute of Sport EOC Equal Opportunities Commission
ERDF European Regional Development Fund
ESF European Social Fund ESFO Education Sports Facilities Officer
ETA Education and Training Advisors
EYDCP Early Years Development & Childcare Partnerships F&R Facilities and Resources FANS Free Access to National Sports
FENA Federation of European Netball Associations
FSA Foundation for Sports and Arts
FSH Faster, Stronger, Higher GB Governing Body
GHS General Household Survey
GIS Geographic Information
HAD Health Development Agency
HAZ Health Action Zone
HE/FE Higher Education / Further Education
HLC Healthy Living Centre HLF Heritage Lottery Fund HPA Health Protection Agency IBSA International Blind Sports Association ICC International Co-ordinating Committee of Sports for the Disabled in the World IFI Inclusive Fitness Initiative IFNA The International Netball Federation LTD ILAM Insitute of Leisure and Amenity Management IMD Index of Multiple Deprivation INAS-FID International Association of Sports for Persons with an Intellectual Disability INAS-FMH International Association of Sports for Persons with a Mental Handicap IOC International Olympic Committee IPC International Paralympic Committee ISMGF International Stoke Mandeville Games Federation ISMWSF International Stoke Mandeville Wheelchair Sports Federation ISOD International Sports Organisation for the Disabled ISRM Institute for Sport & Recreation Management ISS Institute of Sports Sponsorship JDs Job Descriptions LA Local Authority LAAs Local Area Agreements LEA Local Education Authority LEAP Local Exercise Action Pilots LGA Local Government Association LLPN Life Long Participation in Netball LPSA Local Public Service Agreements LSC Learning and Skills Council LSPs Local Strategic Partnerships LTA Lawn Tennis Association LTAD Long Term Athlete Development MLD Mild/Moderate Learning Difficulties MUGA Multi Use Games Area NAO National Audit Office NASD National Assocation for Sports Development NCC National Coaching Certificate NCF National Coaching Foundation NCSS National Council for School Sport NDC Netball Development Coordinators NDC New Deal for Communities NDPB Non-Departmental Public Bodies NDSO National Disability Sport Organisation NGB National Governing Body NNC National Netball Centres NOC National Olympic Committee NOF New Opportunities Fund NPFA National Playing Fields Association NRF Neighbourhood Renewal Fund NRU Neighbourhood Renewal Unit NSMI National Sports Medicine Institute NSO National Sports Organisations NWAA National Wheelchair Athletics Association NWRA North West Regional Assembly NWSB North West Sports Board NWUA North West Universities Association ODPM Office of the Deputy Prime Minister OFSTED Office for Standards in Education OHN Our Healthier Nation ONS Office for National Statistics OSHL Out of School Hours Learning PA's Priority Areas PAT Policy Action Team PAYP Positive Activites for Young People PCT Primary Care Trust PDM Partnership Development Manager PDP Personal Development Plan PEAUK PE Association of the UK PESSCL P.E. School Club Links PFI Private Finance Initiative PFI Young Peoples Fund PLT Primary Link Teacher PSAs Public Service Agreements QCA Qualification Curriculum Authority RCU Regional Co-ordination Unit RDM Regional Development Manager RFU Rugby Football Union RPO Regional Project Officers RSB Regional Sports Boards RTU Regional Training Unit RU Regional Unit SAG Sport Action Groups SALSSPA Sport and Leisure Sector Skills and Productivity Alliance SAPCA Sports and Play Contractors SAZ Sports Action Zone scUK Sports Coach UK SDO Sports Development Officer SE Sport England SEN Special Educational Needs SEU Social Exclusion Unit SHA Strategic Health Authority SIS Specialising in Sport SIS Step Into Sport SKAD Skill Award Days SLA Service Level Agreements SLN Severe Learning Difficulties SMG Sport Management Group SMT Senior Management Team SPOC Sydney Paralympic Organishing Committee spUK Sports Coach UK SRB Single Regeneration Budget SSA School Sport Association SSC Specialist Sports College SSC Sector Skills Council SSCO School Sports Co-ordinator SSP School Sports Partnership TASS Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme TL TOP Link TNA Training Needs Analysis TPP Talented Player Program TSG Technical Support Groups UKSAPLD United Kingdom Sports Association for People with Learning Difficulties UKSI United Kingdom Sports Institute USOC United States Olympic Committee VCS Voluntary and Community Sector VIP Volunteer Investment Programme WCAA Warwickshire County Athletics Association WCPP World Class Performance Plan WHI Walking the way to Health Initiative WHO World Health Organisation WSF Women's Sports Foundation WSPs Whole Sport Plans YJB Youth Justice Board YNO Youth Netball Organiser Course YOT Youth Offending Team YST Youth Sports Trust






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